Training Needs Assessment

We can assist with training needs analysis and generally do this through competency based assessments or skills audits.

Training Strategy

Training is an expensive investment. A strategic approach helps make effective use of the budget by ensuring it is focussed on key areas of the organisation's objectives.

Training Course Design

Everything from short sessions within courses to 2 year Diploma level programmes. Stara has a number of off-the-shelf courses and can custom design to meet your needs.

Training Evaluation

Is the training you are running really effective? We can help you assess impact and also offer independent advice on packages you are considering using.


Planning a Conference? Organising an Award Ceremony? Want to host a House Concert?

The logistics of putting an event together can be daunting and stressful and probably not the best use of your time. We can assist with everything from funding applications to booking entertainment. We have links with website designers and can work alongside you and them to develop effective branding and marketing to ensure your event gets maximum promotion.

Our booking systems keep track of registrations and we always make sure we are the first to arrive at an event and are the last to leave. We are right there to deal with issues as they arise.

  • 1993 Family Support Association Conference

  • 1994 Family Support Association Conference

  • 1994 State HACC Conference

  • 1995 Family Support Association Conference

  • 1995 State HACC Conference

  • 1997 Learning Centre Link State Conference

  • 1998 Learning Centre Link State Conference

  • 1999 Adult Learning Australia National Conference

  • 2000 Learning Centre Link State Conference

  • 2000 AASW Social Work State Conference

  • 2001 AASW Social Work State Conference

  • 2002 AASW Social Work State Conference

  • 2002 Learning Centre Link State Conference

  • 2003 DanceFever Fremantle

  • 2004 DanceFever Fremantle

  • 2004 DanceFever Bunbury

  • 2004 SPSW Social Work State Conference

  • 2004 Learning Centre Link State Conference

  • 2005 SPSW Social Work State Conference

  • 2005 Local Government Community Services Association State Conference

  • 2006 Learning Centre Link State Conference

  • 2007 Children and Young People are Key Stakeholders Conference

  • 2009 National Foster Care Conference

  • 2010 House Concert

  • 2010 Social Worker of the Year Awards

  • 2011 State Foster Care Conference

  • 2011 Aged Care and Mental Health Conference

  • 2011 Social Worker of the Year Awards

  • 2012 Social Worker of the Year Awards

  • 2012 Community Events for The Great Bike Hike

  • 2013 State Foster Care Conference

  • 2013 Foster Care and Child & Adolescent Mental Health

  • 2013 Social Work Administrators in Mental Health Conference

  • 2013 Bentley/Armadale Partners in Recovery Launch

  • 2013 All You Can Eat Breakfast Fundraiser for angelhands Inc

  • 2014 House Concert Fundraser for angelhands Inc

  • 2014 Armadale Partners in Recovery Mental health & Wellbeing Expo


In addition to our highly successful and popular Supervision Skills courses Stara offers one-on-one support for managers and workers in the Human Services. We can help you set and achieve your career and life goals. Working with us isn't easy; we will challenge you constantly and at the same time give you the tools to be self sufficient and confident.


If you are in need of professional supervision, we can match you with a suitable partner to enhance your work skills as well as help you deal with the emotional stress that the work brings.

Stara also offer a mentoring service to trainers; providing help with all aspects of design, delivery and evaluation of training. Oportunities occasionally arise to work alongside Neil on courses he is running.

I have written and been running supervision skills courses for more than 30 years. In partnership
with Kate Duncanson Stara’s 3-day Advanced Supervision Skills course has been attended by more
than 1000 people and is presented regularly in Perth and occasionally in regional centres: details
and registration are available here.


Working with large groups can be difficult but the benefits can be great. If handled well considerable amounts of work can be achieved in a relatively short time frame. I was involved in Dialogue with The City which helped set the long term planning for the metropolital area. One thousand people were involved and I was a small group facilitator working alongside a scribe to ensure the consulation was efficiently and effectively undertaken.

I made use of this model in the consultations on the State Community Safety Strategy for the Office of Crime Prevention and also with District Planning events for large government departments.


Government departments have become increasingly sophisticated in their processes for the purchase of services. Organisations are finding that the skill and expertise to respond to tenders can put considerable strain on limited resources. We offer a service to assist you with large and medium sized tender and grant applications. Our team approach produces professional results and we have a track record of success.

The Team

We generally take a team approach to this aspect of our work. It provides a wide range of expertise and allows for specific skills to be used where and when needed. Most applications are time sensitive so this also allows for efficiency and meeting tight deadlines.

Neil Carver-Smith: Project manager & writer

Mike Jones: Principle researcher & writer

Cindy Gorton: Researcher & writer

Donna Daniels: Researcher & writer

Jacob Fjord: Financial modelling & data management

  • Researching sources of funding

  • Developing professional responses

  • Drafting business plans

  • Drafting service delivery models

  • Financial modelling

  • Federal Government Sustainability Grant - $1M+

  • WA (TAFE) for overseas delivery $30M+

  • State Government Service Delivery Model for Mental Health/Homelessness $700K+

  • Proceeds of Crime Funding $100K+

  • LotteryWest Grants $1M+ in total

  • Government depatments

  • Wineries

  • Not for Profit Organisations

  • Recruitment agencie


To the UK

Are you considering moving to the UK to work? If so, you will need to know about Health and Care Professions Council registration, UK visas and employment working conditions. Using our services smoothes the way and ensures you make the right decisions

Social work positions are mainly in the field of child protection and require some level of post
qualification experience.

You are advised to contact us well in advance of your proposed leaving date to ensure a everything
is in place for your arrival.

From the UK

For those of you in the UK looking for a change, we can help you jump the hurdles and find work in Australia. With 7 States and Territories all running independently and all with benefits and challenges, its a complicated process. 0ur experience and contacts help smooth the way.


We advise at least a 12 month lead time.