Aim for the Bulls Eye!

One of the most valuable experiences of my education was my Social Work Course at Manchester University back in the 1970's. I didn't realise it at the time but I was given a fantastic generic foundation and a raft of skills that has allowed me take on some great projects.

I worked in Residential Social Work in Coventry before moving to Devon Social Services and into training and development. Starting as a student supervisor I moved on to HR work and finally took a Principal Officer role developing training strategy in Child Protection as well as Aged Care. I left the relative safety of Local Government and started my own business in the mid 80's and eventually moved to Perth, Western Australia in 1991.

Over the years I have extended the work I do. Initially it was custom designed training courses and I still very much enjoy working with a group of learners. However, the business has diversified over the years and I'm now involved in a range of services.

Whether it is a training course or a strategic plan, an event that needs organising, or a revision of your Policies and Procedures, we can quote on the work and guarantee a Bulls Eye - on time and on budget.

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