Tender Writing

The year 2009 saw the the first of a number of assignments assisting organisations wishing to tender for large Government contracts. The tender process is often highly competitive. Winning requires considerable work within short timelines. In all instances I operate with a team to undertake these projects and work closely with the agency contracting me. It's a fine balance; they are paying us to do the work but we need direction, and many decisions need to be signed off as we go along.

One contract was developed for a $2M Federal Stimulus Grant and as well as a service delivery model we had to provide a business plan, financial modeling and prove sustainability. The team on this was Gudrun Benjamin, Mike Jones and I all together we did the calculations and made the numbers add up.

Another project required us to develop a staffing and service delivery model for a new hostel. In this instance we were required to work within a fixed budget. The complications included building in 24hr cover, safety issues for both the client group and the staff, and meeting a tight deadline. In total this tender amounted to just short of $1.5M. Following the awarding of the contract we were asked to provide detailed costing to furnish and fit the hostel (a residential establishment for 34 clients) for submission to Lottywest. Costing everything from tea spoons to industrial washing machines takes a lot of visits to retail outlets!

Neither of these projects would have been possible without the help of Donna Daniel.