Certificate in Social Service

In 1979 Devon, Cornwall and Somerset Social Services along with Cambourne College, The College of St Mark & St John and Tiverton College embarked on a unique and innovated course for social workers. I was appointed by Devon as a study supervisor and began my career in training and development. The key aspect of this course was that it was both jointly developed and managed and as such gave rise to a healthy conflict which ensured a relevant and contemporary qualification for a group of workers who had hitherto been largely ignored by both employers and academic institutions.

I was most closely involved with the development and monitoring of the assessment of students and have carried that learning and skills as a supervisor all through my working life.

Thanks go to Helen Hill for taking the risk and employing me, to the college tutors Veronica Dey, John Collins and Roy Ledger for what they taught me and to my fellow study supervisors on the scheme. As always, it is the to learners that the biggest thanks should go. It wasn't until many years later that I realised how good they are as teachers.

The whole programme was admirably held together by Yvonne Hensman who kept us real and provided much needed professional aministrative support.