Armscott House - Coventry Social Services

Qualifying as a social worker in the mid 70s coincided with the opening of Armscott House by Coventry Social Services and an exciting start to my career. Initially as a team leader and working for Gina Rigby, Armscott developed a way of working with young people that was based on shared responsibility for all aspects of the running of the House. Weekly house meetings were used to decide policies, rules and sanctions, as well as more mundane things such as where to go on holiday.

From the distance of today it's hard to remember just how 'revolutionary' the way we worked was. We developed a keyworker system (specials) and integrated ourselves into the local community - which was no mean feat given that the criteria for admission was to divert from 'Approved Schools'.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Gina, and also to Jim and Stuart and the other great members of that team. If any of you read this drop me a line.