An introduction to facilitating recovery in people with mental illness - Singapore

Hope, healing, empowerment and connection

Whats's it about?

This 2 day workshop has been designed to provide participants with a broad overview of the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to effectively recognise and therapeutically intervene with people who are living with a mental illness.  The workshop will draw on participant experiences with mentally unwell people and their families and other supports.  These experiences will be constructively discussed with trouble shooting exercises built in.  The presenters will discuss the bio-psycho-social-spiritual construct model of mental illness and present evidence and direction as to how this model can be flexibly applied, in order to best help a person recover.  Learning activities will encourage participants to reflect on how they currently practise and help them identify what they can improve in order to work more effectively with those suffering from mental illness.


This course is facilitated by Neil Carver-Smith and A.N. Other (to be announced)


Currently only available in Singapore

23rd & 24th October 2017


8.45 for a 9.00am start. Close 4.30pm


SASW Premises. Clementi Singapore


Morning and Afternoon refreshments provided


Contact SASW for details

Certificate of Attendance

Certificates of Attendance are issued to all participants who attend all sessions.


The aim of this programme is to help participants develop their recovery focused knowledge and skills so they can be more effective in recognising and responding to people who present with mental health problems.

Learning outcomes

At the conclusion of this programme, the expected outcomes are for participants to;

  • Have an awareness of the main forms of mental illness
  • Have an understanding of how mental illness can impact on functioning in all areas of life
  • Recognise the attitudes of workers/supporters/family members can hinder or help a mentally unwell person
  • Understand the differences between clinical recovery and personal recovery
  • Be able to perform a basic mental health assessment
  • Be able to perform a basic risk assessment
  • Be able to identify helpful and unhelpful attitudes towards people living with a mental illness
  • Recognise the positive contributions families and friends can make
  • Become aware of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of mental illness and the need to flexibly apply knowledge of same in one’s day to day work
  • Become aware of one’s current communication skill level
  • Identify own areas of need in communication skills development

Further details: email or call SASW on 65 6778 7922