2-Day - Group Work Skills - Singapore

Whats it all about?

The aim of this 2-day group work course is to further cultivate an effective and durable skill set for working with groups. There is a strong emphasis on group processes and dynamics, matched with opportunities for participants to build self awareness about their group behaviour, skills in managing power and authority and critical reflection in group work practice.

The course is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to engage in experiential learning focusing on the process aspect of group work. A commonly used model for understanding groups will be presented but all theory will be interspersed with practice exercises. These practice exercises will accommodate the particular issues that participants may want to address as well as the types of group they intend facilitating for example; support groups, therapeutic groups or training groups. Focus will be on the roles people take in groups, leadership and facilitation of groups, and dealing with conflicts. The training may be applied in a variety of situations such as client/consumer groups, team interactions, training sessions and multi-agency groups.

Workers who are looking to co-facilitate groups may wish to consider attending together where they would be able to make use of the course to plan future programmes.

Course Providers

Stara Training & Consultancy Services


This course is facilitated by Neil Carver-Smith and/or Kate Duncanson


Currently only available in Singapore and exact dates still to be decided.

May 2018

October 2018


8.45 for a 9.00am start. Close 4.30pm

Venue: SASW Premises Clementi Singapore

Refreshments: Morning and Afternoon Tea/Coffee.

Price: Contact SASW for details

Certificates of Attendance

Certificates of Attendance are issued to all participants who attend all sessions.


The aim of this programme is to further cultivate an effective and durable skill set for working with groups.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, the expected outcomes will be for participants to:

  • Have a clear definition of what constitutes a group
  • Have an understanding of circumstances where a group work approach would be beneficial
  • Be able to identify group development and processes
  • Be able to identify roles played in groups
  • Be able to identify and assess one’s own leadership style in groups
  • Be able to use a range of leadership styles in groups
  • Be clear and more confident in one’s role as a leader or member in groups
  • Be aware of strategies to deal with problems and issues within groups
  • Be able to assess a group’s effectiveness

Further details: email or call Neil on 0402 222 540