Customer Service

Is the customer always right?

What's it about?

How we see a business or agency can sometime be a direct reflection of how we are treated at our first point of contact. While this can be a difficult time for front line staff it is important that all customers are treated respectfully while also recognising that workers have a right to a safe workplace and not to be abused or harrassed. This course seeks to explore how we can work in such a way as to minimise difficulties at the counter.

Course Provider

Stara Training & Consultancy Sevices


This course is facilitated by Neil Carver-Smith.


15 November 2017

Time: 8.45 for a 9.00am start. Close 4.30pm


Esperance - Only open to Shire staff


Morning and Afternoon Tea/Coffee and light lunch are included.

Certificates of Attendance

Certificates of Attendance are issued to all participants


The aim of the training is to further enhance customer service skills for front line staff working for the Shire of Esperance

By the conclusion of the workshop participants will

  • identify the common elements of a difficult situation;
  • analyse what works and what doesn’t when dealing with difficult situations;
  • justify reactions to difficult situations and how these shape outcomes;
  • use listening, paraphrasing and questioning to understand the other person’s perspective;
  • apply assertiveness techniques to respond to difficult situations;
  • respond to criticism without becoming emotional or defensive;
  • define conflict and identify your style in conflict situations; and
  • apply a process for resolving workplace conflicts