The Mental Health Commission of WA

The establishment of the Mental Health Commission, the first in Australia, is a key step in creating a modern effective mental health system that has the individual and their recovery as its focus.

The Commission was established as a Government agency in March 2010 with responsibility for strategic policy, planning, purchasing and monitoring of these services. It will promote public awareness of mental wellbeing and will address stigma and discrimination affecting people with mental illness. It reports to the Minister for Mental Health.

The Commission heads our list for sponsors and supporters for the 2013 Symposium.

Society of Professional Social Workers


The Society of Professional Social Workers recognises the difficulties that remote and rural staff have in accessing conferences and training.

To help they have funded 3 scholarships for travel subsidy. Click here for more details

It you would like to know more about the SPSW and how it represents WA Social Workers please contact Cindy Gorton



Australian Association of Social Workers

The Australian Association of Social Workers (WA Branch) is pleased to be a Symposium sponsor and to support the professional development of social workers in Mental Health.

The AASW is the lead national Association for Australian social workers.  Our goal is to promote professional excellence and social justice. For more information about how the AASW represents social workers please go to: