The Facilitators

The two Trainer/Facilitator's who work on these courses are Neil and Kate. Between 2013 and 16 they have continued to present and to improve the course. They work closely as a team but with differing styles which gives participants a well rounded experience of supervision. Introductory and Intermediate Courses generally run with one trainer but with the extensive practice elements of the 3 & 4 day courses we always co-work. The course has been run for the Health Department of WA, Curtin University, National Disability Services, Singapore General Hospital and a number of not-for-profit agencies.

Neil Carver-Smith
Trainer/Facilitator & Contact for more details

Neil will be your first point of contact if you wish to discuss the course either prior to the event or following it. As well as being one of the trainer/facilitators, he will keep this webpage up to date for you.

Neil has provided supervision skills courses for human service and allied health professionals in allied health, child protection, community services and disability sectors for over 25 years. Neil trained as a social worker in the UK, holds a Diploma in Management Skills Training in addition to a Certificate IV Workplace Trainer and Assessor qualification.

Neil is particularly interested in the complexities of assessing students on placement, group supervision and multi-disciplinary working.









Kate Duncanson Trainer/Facilitator

Kate completed her social work degree in 1990.  She initially worked in a local government setting providing family support.  Kate then moved to the child protection field, initially in a community development role.

She later became involved in casework and developed a strong focus on supervision after being inspired by the late Tony Morrison.   Following this Kate progressed to student placements whilst also developing and delivering training in social work supervision.

Kate has worked on a multidisciplinary research team in a large hospital setting.   More recently, Kate has worked in tertiary education with a specific focus on student fieldwork and supervision.  Kate is currently a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers Online Student Supervision Reference Group.