Supervision Courses

Do you step with purpose into problems?

Support systems for staff are much needed but still underdeveloped in many work places. At Stara we believe they are key factors in productivity, staff development and worker health and wellbeing which in turn lead to effective service delivery.

Supervision is not one skill, but many; and when the various combinations of these skills are used by managers the result leads to high quality workers providing excellent customer servce.

These courses are designed for managers, aspiring managers and fieldwork teachers responsible for supervising others as part of their role. They have been developed and presented over the past 25 years, primarily within the helping professions. They originated in the UK where it was acknowledged that team leaders of child protection supervisors needed upskilling if their workers were to perform their duties efficiently, effectively and safely. Since those early days we have worked with an extensive range of differing professions in the health, welfare, justice and education sectors with equal success.

Over the years the course has undergone a number of changes but the underlying theory and the inclusion of practice opportunities have remained constant. Feedback is consistently positive, once you have experienced this course you will return to work.........and step with purpose into your problems!


"You both possess a great skill of creating an environment where people are ok with being vulnerable!!! I miss my team already and hope to cross paths with them again soon or have some email contact.

I feel inspired to tackle the challenges that lay ahead and be more committed in providing supervision of a higher quality, which is exactly what I hoped the course would provide me.

It's a long winded testimonial to say, thanks, you guys rock and have given me the lift at a time of need."

OT from 3 day Advanced Course