Supervision Skills

26th & 27th March 2012

This course comes in a number of formats and at Lifestyle Solutions we will run it as a 2 day workshop.  It's a mixture of theory and practise and is based on the following learning outcomes:


  • define supervision in the human services context
  • present a clear practice model for supervision
  • provide opportunity to practise the model
  • consider supervision in the context of performance management
  • practise giving and receiving feedback on work performance
  • identify skills areas for development as a supervisor or supervisee

Where's The Line

7th March 2012

This course is designed for workers in the Human Services Industry to help them define, establish and maintain appropriate professional boundaries in the workplace. It is based on the following learning outcomes:

  • Have an understanding of role theory
  • Have an understanding of role conflict and role confusion
  • Understand how role theory, conflict and confusion create problems with boundary setting
  • Define personal and professional boundaries and state how they impact on your role
  • Explore and analyse case examples
  • Develop and practise strategies to avoid ‘crossing the line’
  • Have an action plan for future situations